About Us

About Us

Established in 2004, Alpha Childcare is a leading childcare provider based in the United Kingdom. With a footprint in 14 locations, including Nursery Settings, Breakfast / After-school clubs, and Holiday Clubs, we specialize in delivering bespoke childcare services.

In April 2022, Alpha Global emerged onto the scene with the groundbreaking inaugural Early Years Childcare Conference (First of its kind), setting new standards in the industry.

Come July 2024, Alpha Global will mark another milestone with the unveiling of our state of the art ("Love Center”) specifically designed to cater to children with additional needs.



At Alpha Global, our mission is to educate, enable, encourage, and empower parents, educators, and childcare practitioners.

We aim to impart practical skills and insights to nurture wholesome children into successful young adults, capable of positively impacting an ever-changing world.



Our vision is to emerge as a premier global childcare provider, extending the excellence witnessed across Alpha Childcare centers in the UK to our international franchisee centers, taking into account cultural differences, and each child assessed on individual basis. Our proven model ensures success.


We Offer the Following Services:
Leadership Mentoring

with the leadership mentoring: you will get;

  • In-depth no hold-back session to delve into business strategies and success models.
  • Industry tips to help you excel in your business.
  • Bring all your burning business questions, you will benefit from the expertise of the Alpha Childcare team and other seasoned business owners.
  • Gain access to a wide range of expertise and knowledge from your peers. Ample opportunities to collaborate and grow together.
Scale-up support system for practitioners

Do you wear many hats in your business and respond to a wide range of challenges on a daily basis – from changing economy, customer demands, finding the right staff, and trying to scale your business?

We will help you as a business owner rise above the daily noise and focus on the right priorities. It is your oasis to find time for strategic planning to sustain your business at all seasons. More so, the place for you to thrive in your business and not just survive.

This programme provides the opportunity to explore the mindset and strategic plan you need to grow your business. Together we will work on your business mindset to help you find the place where you can maximise your skills and increase profitability.

In house practical training for teams and managers.

This is a corporate training that involves the use of our company's expertise and resources. This training is tailored to your specific needs, to increase your efficiency and your knowledge, experience, and skills so you can better fulfil your future duties and responsibilities.

Consultation for Childcare practitioners in monitoring and maintaining good practice.

Developing and maintaining an effective Early Years programme on your own requires a hefty investment of time and resources.

Many existing programmes are working with out-of-date information and struggling with staff training and student progress assessment. Create a better programme that provides your children with the tools they need to build brighter futures for themselves.

Alpha Global Childcare, is an experienced Early Years consultancy that can provide the resources you’re missing, identify opportunities for improvement, and build on your strengths to maximise the efficacy of your programme.